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Hosted PBX Cost and Bandwidth Estimate

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Billing Plan (?)infoBilling Plans
Unlimited Plan: Unlimited billing plan offers unlimited and un-metered inbound and outbound calling anywhere within the continental United States.
Usage Plan: Usage-based billing plan offers unlimited inbound calls and fixed per-minute usage rate for all domestic outbound calls within the continental United States.

PBX Modules  (?)infoOptional PBX ModulesFaxing: Faxing Module enables users to send and receive faxes using email or web interface. There are no per-page fees for faxes sent or received. A dedicated fax phone number is required to receive faxes and route them to users email.
Call Recording: Allows all or some of the inbound and outbound calls to be recorded and stored on the hosted pbx for future downloads.
Conferencing: Provides ability to conduct voice conferences using virtual conference rooms. When used with the call recording module allows recording of conference calls.
Predictive Dialer: A predictive dialer is used to dial a list of supplied phone numbers in order to deliver pre-recorded voice message or to connect answered calls to call center agents.

Extensions (including mirrored)  (?)infoExtensionsVoice: Specify how many voice phone extensions you would need for all of your pbx users. Do not count users who will be utilizing video phones.
Video: Specify how many extensions will utilize video phones.

Performance  (?)infoPerformance OptionsVoice Quality: Standard audio quality will require less Internet bandwidth for your hosted pbx phone system.Standard quality codec offers compressed G.729 audio codec requiring no more than 16kbps of bandwidth for each call. It is used when bandwidth needs to be conserved and delivers a suitable cellphone-like voice quality. Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF), Fax transmissions, and high-quality audio cannot be transported reliably with this codec. High quality codec implies use of high definition G.722 or high bit-rate G.711 standard uncompressed codec. Each call requires approximately 64kbps of bandwidth.
Max Concurrent Calls: Estimate how many calls (audio, video, conference or otherwise) do you expect to occur at peak (busiest) times. This value is needed to determine how much bandwidth you are going to require to allocate for your voip application. Maximum number of concurrent calls is typically less than the total number of phone extensions. Having it equal to that number would indicate that every user is on the phone at the same time.

Telephone Numbers  (?)infoTelephone NumbersLocal: Numbers, associated with your local access and transport area (LATA) which is defined by the Federal Communications Commission. Local calls are defined as calls originating and terminating within such area.
Toll-free: Toll free telephone numbers are numbers, for which inbound calls are paid by receiving party (you) at the same rate as outbound calls billed under DLS usage plan.
Fax: DLS hosted PBX fax module can be configured to use dedicated fax numbers for each user or a single inbound fax number for a group of users. Specify how many users will require dedicated fax numbers to use with the Faxing module.
(!) Available only with Faxing module (!)


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Please, note that this VoIP cost calculator does not include startup and installation costs.